Curtis Herbert

I’m a gamer, snowboarder, sci-fi fan, and pilot.

I’m also Consumed by Code.

I've loved to code since middle school. My company, Consumed by Code, lets me make the most of that passion everyday.

Yep, her iPhone 5 is bricked. Looks like she’ll have to suffer using a 4s until September when we both get the 6.

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  1. Tycho - Awake
  2. Broken Bells - After the Disco
  3. Depeche Mode - Delta Machine
  4. Goldfish - Get Busy Living
  5. The Crystal Method - Vegas

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  1. PC - The Walking Dead: Season 2
  2. PS4 - Need for Speed Rivals
  3. PS4 - Assassin's Creed 4

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0miles ran last week:(

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  1. Suisei no Gargantia
  2. The Sky Crawlers
  3. Usagi Drop

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